Beach Vacations Are Some Of The Top Rated U.S. Vacations

We Love Traveling and Vacationing. From vacationing in the snow to tropical excursions into the sun to cruising in luxury. Most of us work 50 weeks a year for those 2 weeks of vacation reprieve so we might as well make them count!

One thing is for certain: EVERYONE has a different vision of the perfect vacation. Some people prefer a ski vacation where they enjoy snow covered mountain sides that they can rush down the slopes with an invigorating wind in their face. If you wonderwhat the amenities and advantages of a vacation in the snow you could check out this informative wikipedia article

niagra-falls-wonder-of-the-worldOther people would prefer a more historic or sight seeing vacation like visiting and touring Washington DC, or Rome, or the Great Wall of China. These can be great Kid oriented vacations. After all, what parent doesn’t want their kids to know more about history or have an opportunity to see something like Niagra Falls or other Wonders Of the World?

It seems though that some of the most popular vacations are located right on the coasts. The beaches and waterfronts attract the most vacationers. There is just something about the warm sun and waves caressing the beach.

If you are active there are some pretty fun water sports as well including jet ski’s and water ski’s. Para sailing for the more adventurous. There are always low intensity activities like moped rides or even water tours where you can relax on a boat while you take a tour of the local water life.

The great thing is that no matter what your favorite vacation you can go in luxury or you can still take some awesome vacations on a budget. If you are smart you can even take luxury style vacations even on a budget.